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  • Two of the new basstraps stacked in a home setting.

248 membrane bass trap

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SRL only markets products that please our own sense of performance value and excitement about the change that our products make to a room.  Recent research has put a new twist on the concept of membrane based bass traps.  We built a membrane bass trap back in 1987 for a stereo store listening room.  At that time the membrane was made of 1/4" plywood suspended over a 4'X6' 4' thick rigid fiberglass panel.  In recent years a substitute for sheet lead was sought because of the toxicity of lead.  This has been used sandwiched inbetween sheetrock to provide sound isolation.  Chemical engineers created a process that forms barium loaded vinyl to fit this requirement.  The product has lots of mass like lead, but is also pliable unlike lead.  Some guys at an acoustical test facility took a sheet and suspended it in front of a traditional bass trap.  The measurements they recorded took the absorption coefficient off the charts.  This is the kind of thing that gets our juices going.....  These new traps incorporate this technology, and use high density mineral wool instead of fiberglass, another performance upgrade.  When I finished the prototype, I was of course curious, so I thumped the front of it with my finger.  The membrane has a resonant frequency, and that is what we want to take the bass energy out of the room.  The bass wave hits this surface like a massive microphone diaphragm, the energy used to move it is transformed to heat.  The sound made by thumping it is like a thump of a big kick drum, exactly what we wanted to achieve.  The trap is covered in Guilford of Maine grill cloth and includes extruded aluminum mounting hardware.  The image shows two units.

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  1. Acoustic Treatment Sucks Those Muddy Bass Overtones Out of the Mix 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 25th Feb 2013

    Certain rooms tend to take those roomy bass sounds and echo them into a muddy mush that won't cut through any mix, regardless of later acoustic treatment. This 248-membrane bass trap is the perfect acoustic treatment for those rooms with lots of reflective surfaces and sound-obliterating corners. Get a punchy bass sound that won't submerge the rest of the mix with this acoustic treatment.

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